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Dear Neighbor,

As you may have heard by now, three Lake Forest City Council members, Dwight Robinson, Scott Voigts, and Andrew Hamilton are being recalled. Let us explain why.

There are many, many reasons, some complicated, some straightforward. The simplest explanation is that they are corrupt and represent their big donors and the special interests — NOT US, the citizens of Lake Forest.

Recalling elected officials is not to be taken lightly. The fact that we got together, especially at holiday season, to throw them out tells you how egregious we think their actions are.

Please visit:

We are asking for your support to clean up the Lake Forest government and STOP THE CORRUPTION!

It’s been said that democracy is a mechanism to ensure that people can have the government they deserve.

Well, we deserve better, much better, don’t we?

If you see a petition circulator or one knocks on your door, please take a moment to sign the recall petitions.

We will be sending periodic emails to keep you informed. If you’d like to volunteer to help, please contact me by writing to

Here are just a few examples:


Meritage Real Estate spent thousands of dollars to help elect Voigts and Hamilton in November 2014. In doing so, Meritage funneled money through a Political Action Committee called Restore California, and worked in concert with then Mayor Dwight Robinson to help elect the pair.

In return, several days ago, on December 15, 2015, Robinson, Voigts, and Hamilton voted to rezone nearly 6 acres of land allowing Meritage build even more homes in Lake Forest.

Councilman Robinson, under pressure, finally admitted during the Council session of Dec 15, 2015, that as it had been alleged for over a year he indeed worked with Meritage and the Political Action Committee Restore California in 2014 in efforts to help elect Voigts and Hamilton and create the voting bloc of Robinson, Voigts, and Hamilton.

This rezoning adds yet to the 5000+ homes that have been approved previously by these certain members of the Lake Forest City Council, all in opposition to the community protests and all with no additional infrastructure such as roads and schools and with no consideration for public safety, water, traffic, etc.



After receiving contributions from a trash collection company, they voted to award the contract at an additional cost of millions of dollars over the incumbent company’s bid. For many of us trash bill in Lake Forest went up substantially and some ratepayers’ bills nearly doubled overnight.

Robinson, Voigts, and Hamilton took a similar action with our street sweeping contract. We could have saved $200,000.00 on that contract, but that meant that the company that had given them thousands of dollars would not get the contract. So they voted for and gave the contract to the company that had given them $$$ instead of looking out for us and our interests.


Robinson, Voigts, and Hamilton have voted in lockstep (as a bloc) to stop common sense reforms and worse yet voted to not even allow DISCUSSION of reforms.

Nov 3, 2015 – Bloc vote to prevent appointment of qualified and certified Lake Forest resident applicants to the Vector Control Board and instead Scott Voigts nominated himself to this paid position and voted along with Hamilton and Robinson to appoint him even though he has NO QUALIFICATIONS for the job.

Oct 20, 2015 – Bloc vote to prevent discussion of voting by district so that every part of the City would have had representation on the Council. Today, some of what used to be El Toro, and the entire Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills are NOT represented on the Council.

Oct 3, 2015 – Bloc vote to prevent discussion of Saddleback Ranch Rd and the fiasco created by the construction company who had contributed to their campaigns.

July 21, 2015 – Bloc vote to prevent establishing an ad hoc committee on public safety.

June 16, 2015 – Bloc vote to prevent seeking competitive bids on Police contract.

June 2, 2015 – Bloc vote to prevent seeking reduction in the costs of tree trimming worth tens of thousands of dollars.

May 19, 2015 –Bloc vote to approve rezoning commercial area to residential, allowing Baker Ranch to build several hundred homes in Lake Forest in addition to the 5000+ already approved by them.

Feb 3, 2015 – Bloc vote against preventing contractors from giving money to Council members.


Robinson, Voigts, and Hamilton have broken nearly every promise they made.

They promised to increase law enforcement but all they increased was the cost of law enforcement, by millions of dollars, and no extra feet on the ground. Crime in Lake Forest in 2015 went up nearly 30%.

They promised to expand commercial businesses but then re-zoned hundreds of acres converting them to residential to pay off the developers that had given them more than $100,000 for their campaigns and helped them get elected.

They promised to watch government spending, then refused to ask Department Heads to cut the fat from their budgets, and gave the City Manager (who gets $300,000 per year) a $10,000 bonus.

Please join us and help rid Lake Forest of the corruption and special interests.

Best wishes,

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