Notice of Intention

Andrew Hamilton:

HamiltonSince his election, Andrew Hamilton has formed an unholy alliance with Scott Voigts and Dwight Robinson on the City Council. They use their voting bloc on the Council to award contracts to the vested interests who put money in their campaign coffers. Hamilton takes money from real estate interests and votes to expand the number of homes being built in the City, even though there will be no new schools and no new roads to be built to handle the 20,000+ new people who will be living here. Rather than awarding a contract for sweeping City streets to a company that would have saved the City money, Hamilton voted in lockstep with Voigts and Robinson to award a lucrative contract to Athens Services, a major donor to “The Gang of 3.” Hamilton voted with Voigts and Robinson to block the adoption of a Campaign Finance Regulations Ordinance, which would have prohibited those companies contracting with the City from donating money or services to or doing “favors” for Council members and would have eliminated cronyism and nepotism. Hamilton puts his own interests above the interests of the voters. We need an honest person on the City Council. Recall Hamilton. End Corruption.